Mobility Solutions and Apps

The businesses are striving over the online platform to enhance their growth (and indirectly revenues) by reaching their audiences. But will only being present online really help surviving in this competitive age? In a generation where almost every individual, irrespective of their age, is carrying a smartphone, reaching the target group through mobility solutions seems to be a decent idea. Most of the businesses have already started exploiting this marketing channel to add more to their revenues. Nonetheless, mobile websites have still made it possible to keep the business been found right in the hands of the users.

Let us explore the qualifications of both the mobile apps and mobile websites based on a few major considerations that marketers generally prefer-

  1. Connectivity

Majorly as per the statistics a large population today, connects with the cyberspace either through mobile data or Wi-Fi. But, still connectivity being offline is highly popular. While mobile websites require an internet connection to start touring the contents and navigate through the pages, mobile apps thoroughly run offline with maximum features open for use.

  1. Speed

The time taken to launch a website or an app largely decides if the visitor is going to avail the services or products being offered. Greater loading or buffering time isn’t welcomed in the era of 3G and 4G browsing. On comparing mobile apps with mobile websites, user experience in terms of speed and loading time is rated better on apps. In other words, mobile websites can be fast but apps are superfast.

  1. Associated costs

Not all businesses are big! Expenses that fit in the budget are widely accepted by many small and medium sized organizations. As a result, a huge number of organizations would rather choose to go mobile via means of mobile websites. Mobile app development can be expensive; however developing mobile websites is reasonable and affordable.

  1. Features

Mobile apps allows the users to avail multiple features like phone camera, location services and other in-built options all at a single place. Alternatively, mobile websites do allow certain features specific to mobile phones, but are limited.

  1. Accessibility

The beauty of using mobile websites is that they are accessible freely, without any restrictions or violations. On the other hand, mobile apps are used only upon download from the respective app stores and after the required configurations being completed.

If you have been smart by taking your business online, be smarter and let it go mobile too! Businesses that promote their services or products through mobile apps are subject to greater productivity and profitability. Get end to end mobility solutions at Tricon Infotech for mobile application developments on platforms like android, iOS etc.