Looking at the increased adaptability of the software, there isn’t a question anymore about “should the companies be interested in automating their processes or not”. These days, the question that becomes more pertinent is whether what is more beneficial for the companies- Is it the custom software designed to suit specific needs or the pre-built software that are readily available to implement and start the operations almost instantaneously?

Custom-made software

The software that is built to explicitly map the defined requirements of a particular company or organization is rated as custom-made (or customized) software. The most striking benefit due to which the companies choose custom software over the ones that is directly available for all in the market is that your business can scale all the components proficiently, without compromising for any of the features. All businesses are unique and so some of them would not feel the need to have comprehensive list of add-ons while many others need to organize, track and prepare reports of the processes in their own unusual way.

Then custom-made software is the only option that can offer the required amount of scalability and flexibility to complement the business processes. But, the considerations that should never be ignored before proceeding with the custom-made software are that-

  1. Scrutinize the market thoroughly to find if similar product is already available. Developing custom-made software will any day be costlier than the pre-built ones.
  2. Think of advancements and expansion in future to develop something that will be suitable to meet the requirements even then.
  3. Have lots (and lots) of time for the developments because it is subjected to take more time than you can think of.
  4. Find someone who is an expert developer and understands what you want.

Pre-built software

These software are already built by varied service providers and have features that cannot be removed or added as per specific demands. With a number of extensive and exclusive software available today in the online marketplace, most businesses successfully find their ideal match that caters their requisites. The most attractive advantage of pre-built software is that they are highly affordable and offers high amount of user-friendliness. But before picking up pre-built software for use in business, do make sure that-

  1. There aren’t any security issues that can cause destruction to your official records.
  2. The software gets updated regularly by the provider and that utilizing the updates are a hassle-free process for you.
  3. The speed of working and efficiency is accurate and does not affect smooth functioning of business practices.

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