E-Commerce Application Development

If you are a new entrant into the world of ecommerce, it may become a backbreaking burden to drive traffic on your store. On the other hand, as you are struggling to cope up with this problem of yours, big brands like Flipkart will get over thousands visitors in a single minute. But, this does not mean small ecommerce stores cannot compete with these “hyped” brands.

 Working upon a well-structured strategy can definitely help you compete with the giants of ecommerce industry. The most of your strategy must then be structured in consideration with the target audience, the strengths and weaknesses of your ecommerce store.

Here’s a debate on what ways can help you substantiate your ecommerce business so as to stand high ahead of the big brands.

  1. Acquaint yourself and others about your strengths

As you have ventured to display, promote and sell a certain number of products/ services over your ecommerce platform, this means you have a personal trust, expectations and marketing idea to do business. Big estores however display and sell thousands of products/ services offered by hundreds of vendors, without having in-depth knowledge and facts about their success ratio. This is where your business can have an edge by showcasing your expertise in whatever you offer. Use videos, podcasts and more such tool to market your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and inspire a large base of consumers’ thus building trust through high-value services provided at your infant online store.

  1. Manage, update and emphasize on your blog

Your website can be best complemented with the blog that becomes a resource for highlighting your store as an expert provider of things listed for sale. Blogs enable new businesses to present each of their highlights individually for transferring requisite information to the consumers. It helps establish trust, shows that your brand is informed and up-to-date. As a business incorporating tricks to enhance the chances of being found in search results, SEO (along with use of most-searchable keywords) is a factor that you cannot dare to ignore. This can aid in representing you among the top ranks, thus helping you to compete with ecommerce industry giants.

*Tip- An ideal blog is the one that shares unique and informative stuff, guides users about products/ services, is relevant to the industry type, practices visual storytelling and everything else that adds value to customer’s user experience.

  1. Build trust and connect with your audience

Maximum of your estore’s success depends on the consumers’ satisfaction. In other words, your online brand must build confidence on consumers’ that their money is being spent at the right place and that they will gain Value For Money (VFM). Give your customers usage guarantee, return policies, share reviews on Google or local directories and insert testimonials underlining your credibility.

Make sure to have a presence on the popular social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and emphasize on building audience/ followers for your estore. Post shareable content or images to improve your global reach. This is similar to ‘word of mouth publicity’ of direct marketing techniques.

Everything starts being small and new. Nevertheless, doors always remain open to evolve big. It is on you how you wish to explore the opportunities and give a tough competition to the big ecommerce brands. Of course this involves a set of correct decision to be made and the first course of action starts right when you choose the ecommerce solution to develop your estore’s website.

With numerous options (Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Drupal etc.) available today, you can choose a custom and highly scalable platform that fits in your business needs the best. Hybris ecommerce development is immensely gaining popularity and many new businesses are adopting it to build their estores. Moreover, existing estores are also taking a shift towards hybris to augment their growth prospects.

If you are looking for best ecommerce developments in the industry to structure or revamp your estore, contact us. Hire expert developers of Tricon and reap the many benefits in the form of higher returns and increases revenues.

Ecommerce Application Development