Android App Developer Bangalore

In a world where smartphones hold an influential place in the fast-moving mobile market, users nowhere seem to compromise with “unexceptional” apps for serving varied purposes. Apps that bring along “crashes” behind their download soon get discarded within no time and are dumped with the most negative feedbacks listed in the Google Play or App Store.

More than iOS apps, android apps need to be more emphasized on their performance because android serves as an open source, giving liberty to all for developing and launching their own applications. A successful app is not an outcome of chance but a result of sincere and logical efforts put in behind the development. Also the importance of accessibility, performance and feature-rich mobile apps can be well understood by the android app developers themselves. Triumphant are those who can handover their skills to the users for delivering a quality experience.

  1. Operating Systems and their updated versions

As an android developer you must understand that there come new updated versions every now and then which lay a drastic impact on the android apps created. If you are developing android apps ever since the ‘Cupcake’ era then you would certainly deal with the haywire, but if you are newcomer then you may feel panicking with the chaotic situations.

Advisable is to test your apps on multiple devices and platforms. Not too primitive ones like ‘cupcake’ and ‘doughnut’ exist today, but tests can be made to perform on versions ‘KitKat’ and later. This will aid in making the app become compatible and that you develop codes that can serve an expanded horizon.

  1. Your android app is a software too

When you develop an android app, you are actually building software that will stay on the users’ phone for utilizing its features, similar to installing software on a desktop. Now as an android developer it becomes your concern to make your app sustain the conflicts created by other software (or the apps) on the users’ phone. Many a times other software may make your app perform differently as desired. Therefore, repeated testing of apps to check for conflicts with different apps on different devices must be ensured before its launch.

  1. Android app dependencies

Many entrants in the android app (rather the whole app development) market presume that applications integrate with some of the most popular social media platforms. It isn’t the case anyway. The modern-day android apps necessarily arouse a dependency on other apps like social media and others and one must figure out a way so that their app doesn’t lag behind. Though some devices may have social media apps pre-installed in them, but if not, your app must not have a reason to underperform in such circumstances.

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