Web Apps

Many a times when we are searching on the internet, we come across a number of pages where we find useful data that we might want to refer again. But, as we keep moving ahead, we tend to lose those URLs. We have to browse through all our history which then becomes quite tedious and time consuming.

On the other hand even if we have the addresses of the URLs, we need to copy the data to notepad files for reference and save it to our computer. Not necessarily we would be able to recall the file names when we need it. After all we are humans and not machines, and we tend to forget things (especially when we need it the most).

To make our lives easier, certain web applications and services have been designed where we can directly save our searches, make notes on them, edit and change them accordingly, insert images and videos and share them with others. These saved documents and notes can be later searched for reference.

We will put heads together on the 4 well-known text sharing services being used today!

  1. Pastebin

This is the most common text sharing platform on the internet that allows anyone to share and type text as notes and save it in a library. This library can be accessed later on to search for all previous notes created by a particular user.


  • Text can be stored for a particular period of time
  • Can be personalized to make it public or secured for personal access only
  • Supported by web, phone applications and distinct operating systems
  • Offers formatting text and syntax highlighting for easy display
  1. OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is used for gathering notes from the users in a written or typed format, store drawings, videos or clips and shares them with the public over the internet. It is a platform where any data is entered or typed once remains forever and gets saved automatically. The notes can be arranged within sections.


  • It is free, but premium versions are chargeable
  • Supported by web and mobile applications for android, Windows phone, iOS etc.
  • Desktop version is available with MS Office suite
  • SkyDrive feature allows sync of notes with different devices
  1. Evernote

Evernote is an online service which is used for restoring data and creates and archive of these notes. The notes can be written in ink or typed through a keyboard. Also uploads can be done to insert voice clips, photographs or complete web pages and shared with general users. Section-wise maintenance of notes is possible.


  • 60 MB of texts can be stored for free in a month. Charges are applicable for further usage
  • Supported by maximum platforms on web and phone applications on android, iOS, blackberry, Windows and more
  • Notes can have tags and data can be stored in the form of notebooks
  • Customization is possible as per the user’s requirement and can be expanded through add-on’s and apps
  1. Google Keep

It is again a relatively new product in the market and is integrated with Google Drive for storing and keeping notes. Though it is not that experienced among the others, it has a big name behind it that is Google. It provides rich options to create notes online.


  • A completely free platform for sharing and noting down text
  • Supported by web and android applications
  • Notes can be maintained in list and grid views
  • Unlimited amount of data can be stored

Different users have had different experiences from all of these services. Anyhow, all these platforms have made data accumulation and maintenance too easy for users. Simplified text sharing and retrieval on the internet remains a unified purpose of all.

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