In an era where technology (particularly smartphones) has conquered the lifestyle of community and its members, saying ‘No’ to mobile apps becomes a ‘Red Alert’ for businesses. Ever if you considered mobile apps development to be a marketing tool merely for the “million dollar” firms, you’ve certainly had a tragedy. After all, had you not been missing the “supposed” increase in your revenues a mobile app could have made for you? Sadly, you might answer it affirmative!

We have stepped in to dwell in a world that runs over the Web and is dependable on gadgets to survive. This technological trend is taking a rigid shape each passing day. Smartphones and mobile apps have matured into being ‘un-ignorable’. With a large percentage of target groups of businesses being exposed to the cyberspace, reaching them through tools like mobile apps becomes a profitable idea.

Mobile App Development comic

Reasons for developing Mobile Apps

• Smart tool to generate leads

Customers are the foundation of any business. Marketing professionals strive hard to grab customers’ attention so as to convert them and thus increase their business. Mobile apps have evolved as a medium of connecting with customers (both existing and prospective) that provides them crisp information, gains feedback and can be accessed anytime (or anywhere). It is “smart” because it can be measured as the faster mode of reaching the desired audience.

• Convenient for Buying and Selling

Mobile apps make the complete buying and selling process quite easy without any added costs. With a number of platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian or Windows, businesses can opt for the one that fits in their budget and yet offer maximum features. Moreover, the ‘not-so-mandatory’ physical presence is minimized for availing the benefits of business offerings.

• Secured data and payment processes

With numerous features available on all mobile app development platforms, businesses can offer utmost security to their clients in terms of maintaining personal information and payment details. This indeed helps a business in being acknowledged as a reliable brand name and so count among the preferences of customers.

• Larger benefits

Mobile apps opportune the customers’ of businesses to use coupons and promo codes that interest them to make a purchase of product (or service). The mobile apps are in-built with features that connect directly to a business’s social media page. This can help gain credibility and upturn investments into revenues.

‘Push notifications’ related to new developments, news, or add-on can be sent through mobile. This guarantees 90% chances of the notification being opened by users who have downloaded the app. GPS and Podcasts can definitely be a plus for businesses.

Reasons for Improvising Existing Mobile Apps

• Timely delivery of Updates

A business would understand how critical it is to have and provide timely information to clients, prospects, vendors and others. It becomes the need of hour that your business supports real-time feed from back-end servers. If this practice wasn’t included as of now, it must constitute the app at the earliest.

• One platform, not just enough

Initially if a business had launched its app on a sole platform, be it Android, iOS or any, it needs to be upgraded on other platforms too. There are different set and number of customers who waits on several sources to avail offerings from businesses.

• Feedback and Interaction

An app should not only function as a channel for giving away information. It must showcase features that welcome two way communications and are also open to feedback. This is not just for storing all that is gathered, rather used for implementing the valuable suggestions given by the app users.

• Ready to face calamities

If a business hasn’t been keeping any back-ups, they must plan to manage all their records on a copy server that enables smooth functioning of mobile apps in case the ‘live’ server is crashed. Though it may never happen, being prepared for the worst is always appreciable.

Considering the key value points discussed herewith, all businesses must rush to get their own mobile apps. In case they have it already, it’s time they review and improvise it with immediate action. But, a business should not try to stuff everything in their app unless they really need it. Best would be to prepare a blueprint, jot down the features that are necessary and then develop a mobile app wisely. Well-thought and structured mobile app development help gain exponential business growth and take a quantum jump.