The web world is abuzz with the news of Android’s next update, which would be either Android 4.5 or 5, hitting the market soon. With android’s huge market, the new features and updates may seem well planned market strategies to lure you into the enchantment of the devices and finally get you to commit to a newer version. And all of a sudden you are trapped in a race of owning the ‘Better Technology’. And Mobile industry is very smart in making you realize that your money, no matter how huge, is well spent in pursuit of these high end technologies as they make you a proud owner.

With Kitkat 4.4 being androids latest release, it was able to grab enough audience attention and positive reviews for its lightning fast speed and powerful Google features. The success of Kitkat has prompted Google to release Android 4.5 and if the sources are to be believed, it will be mostly called Lollipop.

History of the Android version names

Confectionary based names for the versions of android were constantly gaining popularity since 2009. The trend started with Cupcake (1.5) and continued in alphabetical order like Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich, Jellybean, Kitkat etc. The next letter in the list is L and it is yet to be seen if the developers decide to choose the most popular name -Lollipop.

How is android 4.5 going to be better than 4.4

Google is planning a huge update after Kitkat 4.4. Hence the contemplation is still on if the version will be 4.5 or 5. Its features will retain the Kitkat framework but will ensure huge improvement in terms of animation with more alluring visual tricks. User experience will be taken to the next highest level because of its deep integration with the extremely powerful HTML5. The update is sure to bring in multi-window capabilities and an option to respond to notifications directly without opening the respective app.

Google introduced a feature in Kitkat with a function similar to that of the Apple Siri called ‘OK Google”. This voice search assistant is also going to see major revamp in the next update.

The UI of the lollipop is designed for best User Experience with the mobile screen and applications coming alive at just a small touch. The android L keyboard is one feature which exhibits the power of the HTML interfacing and input speed. Fortunately, this is available in Google Play store to be installed with an option to use it as a default keyboard.

Android 4.5 is also looking at the battery saving aspect. The power consumption by the apps will be minimized so that the users could get more out of their phones.

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The great battle between Google and Apple

While Google is ready to release its new OS version in the form of Android L, Apple is not far behind with the launch of iOS 8. It’s a battle of the two smart phone giants. Android being the developer friendly OS is no doubt more widely used. Apple intends to defeat google by making its OS more open to the developers in future. It is targeting at being more widely adaptable with developers having access to create more applications compatible with the iOS. Whether Apple is successful in its endeavors is yet to be seen.