With the advent of smartphones, mobile app usage continues to dominate the world of media. There is a shift in people resorting to mobile phones for their entertainment, news, communication, knowledge, and a variety of their other needs. Mobiles today are increasingly replacing the time spent on traditional televisions, newspapers, radios, PC’s and laptops, owing to their ease of access and the array of options provided by them.

Android and iOS have emerged as the top operating systems in smart phones, while Facebook and Google proving to be the market players.  According to Comscore data, mobile apps consume more than 82% of the media time is spent on phones, rather than browsers.

Mobile App developer’s perspective:

Mobile app development can be a challenging job, and even more challenging is to make money out of the app. It’s evident that there are millions of apps in the market. And so are the numbers of challenges a Mobile app developer will have to face in his or her endeavor to be successful and make big bucks.

To start with, you need to overcome the complication of choosing a platform to develop the app on (an appropriate Java, .NET or Objective-C platform) which is compatible with all the platforms and devices.

  1. If you thought the challenging part was done, with the development of the app, wait till you face problems in distributing your software.
  2. The pricing of your software, whether free or chargeable matters a lot. With the millions of free apps, a new app which is charged even for a minimal fee will go unnoticed. Hence most of the apps make money by being free and charging for a higher version or to activate a different set of features.
  3. Marketing is the main aspect of bringing a new app into the market and also to sustain the visibility of the app. It is essential to understand the customer feedback and response and keep up-to-date with market trends and up-gradation of the software.
  4. User experience is a priority. Fixing of the glitches and issues to provide an easy access to the application will prove rewarding, especially with the app marketing which happens via word-of-mouth (most effective means of promoting a product).

Once these challenges have been overcome, a developer stands chances of creating revenue from his product, with very little initial investment. Mobile app development is one way which can bring riches to many with unimaginable profits. Having said that, the success completely depends on how the app fares in the highly competitive market. The mobile app industry has huge room for growth, with the constantly increasing customer base that is eagerly waiting for the release of a good unique app. This field can be a money maker for the creative minded developer or a smart marketer who can analyze the market trends and push his product forward. That dream villa or car will no longer be impossible to attain, once your app starts making you more money than you have ever dreamed of.