Most organizations even today do not consider payroll processing as a major part of their business activities. For all those new to this concept, processing payroll is one of the most nerve wracking and dreaded terms for a small or a medium enterprise. Managing payroll in an organization is highly time consuming and requires unmatchable patience and concentration. A human is bound to err but committing an error in payroll can lead to major troubles such as unhappy employees etc. and May sometime lead to a huge amount of penalty. Payroll and taxes are bound to be calculated with minute details in mind and most importantly according to the latest budget to avoid any serious trouble.

Payroll issues are not only troublesome for people handling it but are also burdensome for business owners. Those business owners who do not give much importance to it have still missed on realizing that there is high level of efficiency that can be achieved by utilizing the power of payroll management solution. With the advancement in technology, organizations have now started to depend on various SaaS applications and the market has a few solutions on offer, PayWheel is Tricon Infotech’s answer for all payroll and leave processing constraints.

For those of you who are new to this scenario, here are some of the pain points that you may encounter by not automating you payroll activities –

–  The bottom line is simple, that an employee works for money. And if that money is not disbursed to them on time, then nothing else can create more dissatisfaction among them. Processing Payroll through PayWheel can make your job hassle free in a few clicks and salary can be disbursed on time every month without the nightmares of delays and errors.

–  Miscalculations during payroll processing surfaces regularly, underpay or overpay an employee will only add to your troubles. PayWheel acts as a savior and can reduce the chances of these errors to negligible.

–  Missing out on dates of your filings with the Central, state or local authorities can land you into a soup. PayWheel takes care of this task by setting up timely reminders which will flash on your screen each time you login in to your account.

–  By eliminating the risk of missing on some important dates or error while processing payroll, a payroll management solution like PayWheel lets you focus on other important tasks at hand such as employee development and other engagements.

–  Managing and keeping track of the leaves of all your employees is a daunting task if done manually but PayWheel is designed to keep track of all the leaves, holidays of each employee under the supervision and authority of their managers.

PayWheel is a comprehensive Management solution developed by Tricon Infotech, keeping in mind the India market which caters to the HR and Finance functions of an organization. It is a customizable so that you can use it as per you requirements. Processing payroll and managing leaves can now be performed with a few clicks and your precious time can be saved for other important tasks. For more information on PayWheel, please log on to