Together we will build an inclusive world

Who We Are

We partner with you to achieve your goals. We have a team of designers, developers, testers and quality assurance professionals who are passionate about inclusion in the digital world. We knock down barriers to create opportunities for universal design. We will partner with you to ensure your digital products and services can be used by everyone.


What We Do

Achieving accessibility is an evolving process. Depending on your goals, you may wish to introduce minor alterations, update certain features or revamp it. We will help you chart your course, either from the very start, or jump in to solve any roadblocks in the way. We provide you end-to-end accessibility services that comply with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. We will work with you to create the user experience that works for all.



Wondering where to start? We’ll take you through the process of how and why you can introduce accessibility to reap maximum benefits. Our team of experts will assess your needs and strategize a customized plan towards integrating accessibility within your ecosystem. Unsure about how far you would like to go? We can help prioritize your goals for accessibility across web, mobile and assistive technology devices.

Accessibility Consulting
Accessibility Audit


If you’re assessing whether your website or application is truly user-friendly, or if adding accessibility features may affect compatibility with your current technology, give us a call. We will pinpoint any areas that need improvement and help you prioritize them. In addition to the standard test, we have analysts who will evaluate your website or application for compliance with A, AA or AAA standards. Also keep in mind that if you are introducing new features to your accessible application, or if updated browsers hit the market, you may still wish to test them. Regular follow ups with us will ensure that your applications are up to speed with the changing times.


If your application is still just a twinkle in your eye, our UX team and designers can help weave accessibility into its DNA, develop it and bring it to life. If you already have designed an application or website and want to make it more intuitive, we can help you incorporate accessibility into your design, and also define the implementation flow to assist your team.


From the get-go our designers partner with you to create a user experience that is interactive and accessible to a wider range of users. Thinking about giving your website a prudent makeover without resorting to a wrecking ball? We can introduce the tweaks your existing code needs to create a barrier-free experience.


Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of guidance. We can help empower your organization with a deeper understanding of accessibility. Through standardized or tailor-made training sessions, our educators will inspire your teams to think about creating inclusive applications and user experiences.

What Sets Us Apart

We love the challenges that come with integrating accessibility because they open the door to thinking about universal design. We like to say user experience is enhanced for everyone when we design keeping in mind barriers that disabled people face. We like to balance accessibility and design, so you can go beyond mere compliance and harness the benefits of an application that reaches everyone. Accessible Web Development is one of our expertise.

How We Do It

We are committed to helping you create, introduce and integrate universal design in your products. We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG 2.0, and we have the expertise to implement your desired level of accessibility, namely A, AA and AAA. We can build your websites and applications or partner with your teams at any stage to develop a thing of beauty. 


Case Study

Tricon Infotech Helps Top Publisher Make Website Accessible

Our client, a large multinational publishing powerhouse specializing in
textbooks and academic journals wanted to ensure its website was
accessible and compliant to AA levels.