Data Driven Products & Services

Transform vision into reality

Adoption of data driven products is imperative for any business to stay competitive. Data driven practices have proved their significance in business strategies due to the infinitely growing amount of data produced. By analyzing consumer data and following consumer-first approach, a new product can be developed successfully. At Tricon, we believe in overcoming the challenges faced during product launches, with a strategic data driven approach which is important in decision making, marketing, finance and accounting.


A strategic data driven approach that helps you stand out.


We are proud of the competency we exhibit while looking at common business glitches as opportunities to apply our analytical methods and create a dynamically successful product launch and design.

Our best practices include:

  • Identify how the data impacts the consumers.
  • Focus on development of the data.
  • Build a stable, scalable platform as a basis of the products to be developed.
  • Follow the market trends and leads.
  • Market our data-driven projects to deliver results and sustain growth.
Transforming Visions Into Reality

We believe in transforming visions to reality and catering to the needs of creating products that simplify business. Our dedicated and full time resources are impeccable at fabricating advanced solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

Cost Effective Approach

Launch cost effective and competitive products in the market and gain an edge over your competition with Tricon’s data driven approach.

Skilled Analysts

Our developers, engineers and analysts at our offices in Bangalore, India are skilled with understanding market requirement, cost, and profitability depending on meaningful data.

Tricon Specialty

We are specialists in technology services such as Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Android, iOS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SAP etc. to name a few. We ensure that your application is developed to the level of scalability required by your organization.