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Web Accessibility is designed to work for all people with mental and physical disability. People with hearing loss, movement, sight and cognitive disability will be able to access this application. Assistive technology helps people who have difficulty in speaking, typing, writing, remembering, pointing, seeing, hearing, learning, and many other things. Different disabilities require different assistive technologies. The applications should work well with these assistive technologies for it to help those with disabilities.

Accessibility is about building Applications that can be navigated and read by everyone, regardless of disability, location, experience or technology.

At Tricon we are committed to build applications that are inclusive and we have expertise to implement different levels (A, AA and AAA) of Accessibility. Our Accessibility services include:

Accessibility Consulting: Our Accessibility experts can work with your team and enable them to design and develop accessible web and mobile applications. We can also conduct training sessions for your team to build awareness on why accessibility is important and how to build accessible applications.

Accessibility Evaluations for Existing Applications: Our expert team can evaluate your application based on “accessibility standards” and give you a detailed report on areas of improvement and what needs to be done to make your application accessible.

Accessibility Design for New/Existing Applications: Accessibility starts at the design stage itself. Our UX and Design teams are trained to design applications with “accessibility standards” in mind. Then our experts define the implementation flow that will help the development team to build accessible applications.

Accessibility Implementation for New/Existing Application: Our expert team of designers, developers and quality assurance professional are trained to build accessible applications. We will take complete ownership of building an accessible application based on your needs. Our key value proposition is that we don’t compromise user experience for accessibility, and our team can balance accessibility and design to build applications that everyone will appreciate.

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