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PayWheel Product

PayWheel is a leading cloud based payroll management product for organizations in India. It supports employee self service, leave management, loans, reimbursement, full and final settlement, etc. It also generates statutory reports, organization reports, pay slips, etc.

Residential Quarter Management Software

RQMS (Residential Quarter Management System) is an SAP add-on that helps organizations effectively manage their residential quarters. This product supports applications, allotments, maintenance etc., It is integrated with SAP’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) module.



Cherish Your Memories

Cherry is an iOS and Android app that helps you to ‘create’, ‘collaborate’ and ‘preserve’ ever lasting memories with your loved ones in a safe, secure and effortless way. Be it a celebration, an outing or a casual get-together, quickly create a memory for the occasion and invite others to collaborate to it. All collaborators can keep adding their moments to the memory as it evolves to become a beautiful story that we preserve for you to revisit anytime you want.


Smart Choice

SmartChoice is a Google Chrome plugin that lets you to view the ratings of your favorite books online using the book rating site goodreads.com. You can be searching for anything related to a book: a book name, genre or author, just click on the SmartChoice plug in and it will give you the ‘goodreads’ rating of the book results and also the number of people who have rated a book. SmartChoice works on the major online book store sites like Amazon and Flipkart. It can intelligently rate only the book results out of the non-book ones and sort the book as per ratings, number of users and other criteria. So next time you want a goodreads rating for your favorite book online, you are just a click away!

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