Illustrations & Infographics

The power of visual representation

We see and observe many things in our daily lives and learn new concepts every day. But, we do not always realize its importance or its working unless it is illustrated through visuals or information graphics i.e. infographics.

Infographics are all around us. From reading a roadmap to following the written instructions on a food packet for making a recipe, from using a user manual of a product/service to studying a science diagram in a course book- we are surrounded by infographics everywhere. Every business can use infographics to give their products and services an extra adaptability.

Illustrations and infographics have simplified education and learning like never before. Education sector is utilizing this perfect blend of technology plus learning solutions to make concepts easier, presentable, and adaptable for students. As a result, the use of infographics and illustrations along with the demand of creators of the same has increased enormously.

Communicate better with brainy illustrations.

Tricon Infotech earns clients’ trust by branding their business, products or services by narrating a visual story through expressive illustrations and infographics. We help our customers to present informative, engaging and attractive content with a purpose to communicate the message quickly yet effectively.

We believe in notable first impressions and we give our clients’ an opportunity to mark an influencing imprint on the users’ minds through visual storytelling. We are a pool of talented designers and instructional designers who are clever in seizing the right message from clients’ to deliver it to masses. We incorporate creative ideas to present suitable information. We use appropriate tools to make infographics appealing and interactive, as required.

We have partnered with a few leading publishing houses and eLearning institutions to design highly captivating contents with our infographics/ illustrations. We have worked closely with businesses of all sizes to market their products and services by displaying their key points through infographics so that they call for quick actions.

Why hire us for your explicit requests?

Online business communications have become a need of an hour. Trying to escape from online marketing is utter waste because doing so will only broaden the gap between the business and customers. Moreover, spreading your word giving it a professional outlook with knowledge and consistency is equally important.

We outdo in bringing the corporate messages rightly in our illustrations and infographics so that the targeted groups ‘favorites’ your products or services. Our spirit of being highly flexible and approachable adds more to outcomes and helps our developments standout. Innovation and creativity is an obvious affair in whatever we do.

To hear more about how our illustrations and infographics can transform you into a titan, enquire now!

What We Do2
What We Do

At Tricon, we provide rich infographics that are sharable and contextually appealing. Infographics take a different approach from graphic design. We constantly push the envelope with our designs by using higher concepts and visuals, creating a stern powerful difference in the way your company is viewed.

High Quality Infographics
High Quality Infographics

High quality infographics are essential for all businesses, regardless of their size. Our infographics convey your business’s information in ways that are smart and unique.

Diverse Range
Diverse Range

Our specialist team produces a diverse range of infographics, data visualizations, presentations and reports for leading institutions and organizations. Tricon produces some of the highest quality, most intelligently designed infographics that can generate some a lot of interest.

Tricon Specialty
Tricon Specialty

We are specialists in technology services such as Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Android, iOS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SAP etc. to name a few. We ensure that your application is developed to the level of scalability required by your organization.