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Revamped look, high performance

In the past, business expansion solely through the paper, the print medium to be precise, was sufficient to reach the potential customers. Today, proliferation of technological gadgets has set an alarm for marketers to go digital. This digitization is not only restricted to web browsers, instead it stocks devices like tablets, smartphones and PC’s too.

HTML5 is the technology used for presenting structured content over the web for imparting enhanced user experience on devices of all sizes. Via HTML5, sharing interactive content, multimedia and other communications has become conventionalized.

Tricon brings to you diversified spectrum of HTML5 services where you can migrate your existing data (i.e. from HTML4 or Flash to HTML5) into personified designs that are functional on all mobile devices.

HTML5 = Augmented UX and Accentuating UI

Tricon’s HTML5 developers are equipped with thorough knowledge on enriching user experience in view of structuring and presenting niche content by cost-effective means. Our content technocrats have a sound know-how on intricacies of HTML4/Flash conversions to HTML5.

How do Tricon’s HTML5 Services evolve into your Air Castle?

  1. Opulent portfolio

Our creative team of designers strategizes the best experiences that are visually appealing for users and that preserve the primary structure of presenting content. We fathom the need for displaying interactive content on distinct channels and so we deliver HTML5 solutions that revamp our clients’ value.

  1. Affluent deliverables

We outshine by delighting our customers through innovative and artistic content deliverables in anticipated time. Also our ‘no-compromise’ policy lends high-quality HTML5 services at economic prices, thus ensuring amended optimization of content cross-platforms.

  1. Absorbent to technology

Our expert designers adhere to all standards of technologies that are to be used for revising existing or new records to HTML5 format. We convert the ‘content and media-rich’ files systematically from Flash or HTML4 to HTML5 by embracing the best practices. We make sure that the output (in HTML5) never misses out basic functionalities (like audio, bitmaps, vector etc.) of illustration and animations in Flash.

If you’ve spent a lot of time worrying about transforming your legacy data into responsive and lively content, you can count on Tricon’s excellent HTML5 services. With our enormous capabilities to work effortlessly on the technology and an urge to provide the best results to clients’, we have successfully reformed the exhibition of content and illustrations on mobile devices plus web browsers. Our clients’ love us and we’re proud of it!

What We Do
What We Do

Tricon’s HTML5 Services includes User interface design, Prototyping, Application development and Cloud integration. All HTML5-based solutions built by Tricon are both secure and sustainable, constructed in such a way they can be easily maintained and scaled as needed.

High Performance HTML5
High Performance HTML5

Tricon is known for and has extensive experience with, creating high performance, feature-packed HTML5-based web and mobile experiences.

Improved User Experience
Improved User Experience

As the latest, most advanced and in-demand mobile app development and mobile web development platform, HTML5 not only improves the user experience and interface, but also significantly improves the experience, from a development standpoint, of creating mobile apps and mobile web pages.

Tricon Specialty
Tricon Specialty

We are specialists in technology services such as Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Android, iOS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SAP etc. to name a few. We ensure that your application is developed to the level of scalability required by your organization.