Course Design & Development

Redefining the Learning Patterns

We have been designing and developing courses to make e-learning simplified than ever. We have helped some of the most prestigious educational companies with courses that deliver the message/ concept, utilizing advance technologies. Beyond the learning from books and internet resources, an artistic depiction of concepts and lessons through animations, interactives etc. make learning more engaging and effective.

We design and develop learning activities enriched by technology

We have succeeded in our endeavors of redefining e-learning by merging the educational disciplines with the technologies and talents, to offer highly productive online courses. In some courses, training becomes a costly affair as it involves serving locations at distinct geographies. E-learning then becomes an economic yet fruitful option of extending highly valued courses, without any constraints.

We have gained substantial experience on designing and developing online courses and are capable of presenting complex subjects in the easiest way. We work on a belief that learning need not be intricate and so we make it uncomplicated using technology. Our courses involve higher concentration and lesser distractions, automatically adding to comprehension and learning skills.

Customized solutions for course design and development

We serve our clients’ by developing custom-made e-learning courses that meet all standards and deliver substantial learning. The programs developed by us utilize latest trends in technologies like HTML5 and Flash.

How do we serve you with our valued courses?

We do not work for you, instead with you to capture all the necessary information and study material, reframe it, organize it and present in a more engaging manner. If you already have course material in particular formats and want it to be presented better, we can help you map the same using animations, graphics and other interactive features on Flash or HTML5.

We are privileged to be trusted by educational corporate giants for producing high quality and cost-effective e-learning solutions. Our team is known for its originality and innovative approaches of designing and developing online courses.

In case you are seeking to get your next e-learning program developed by experts, we can be your perfect partner. We serve you with a Complete Strategic Plan, Course and Instructional Designs, Creative Solutions, Latest Technology, Videos/ Graphics/ Animations, Development, Protracted Support and Simplified E-learning.

Development by Professionals

Tricon’s Course Design and Developments are operated by professionals having extensive experience on developing e-learning courses for our reputable Academic Partners. The professional know-how of our developers makes teaching and learning a gift.

Resources and Facilities

By using modern technology and focusing on quality, always, we strive on ensuring that the purpose of enrolling for the course and gaining knowledge about a subject never goes in vain. We supply our online courses with everything that makes them best.

Course Development

We create multimedia content designed to enrich courses and work on specific advices from clients’ to help develop materials that best complement online learning environment. Our courses ensure better comprehension, concentration and education.

Tricon Specialty

We are specialists in technology services such as Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Android, iOS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SAP etc. to name a few. We ensure that your application is developed to the level of scalability required by your organization.