Unmatched quality

Quality Commitment

Our Web and Software development process starts with the commitment to Quality, is reflected in our vision statement, processes, services, and employees attitude and work style. Tricon maintains prime focus on customers requirements in all its business activities and strives to continuously improve the timeliness and effectiveness of its services.

We ensure this through:

  • Defining effective business processes and the quality system.
  • Empowering and encouraging people to add value in definition and execution of the process.
  • Monitoring the effective implementation of the business processes as implemented through the quality system.
  • Obtaining continuous feedback from customers on their levels of satisfaction.
  • Institutionalizing the process of measurement of service levels and customer satisfaction, analyzing effectiveness and continuously pursuing improvement.


Quality Audit

There is a quality Audit every month in Tricon to make sure that processes are being followed correctly. Any failure in process results in NCR (non compliance report). Statistical techniques are used for assessment and tracing. The audit team also makes suggestion for the improvement of processes on case-to-case basis.



Tricon has a strict and mandatory documentation system. For any web software project, high importance is attached to the overall documentation process. Latest Configuration Management tools are used to ensure consistency.

Indicative list of Documents that Tricon generally delivers to the customer:

  1. Detailed Project Plan
  2. Technical and Functional specifications
  3. Risk Management Documents
  4. GUI Prototypes
  5. Database Design
  6. Base Classes Definition
  7. Third Party Interface Definition
  8. Test Plans and Test Results
  9. Quality Documents (Review records, Test records)
  10. Online Help
  11. Change control documents
  12. Release notes and Installation guides.