The Infrastructure

Ensuring the safety and accessibility of data at all times


Creating a secure environment is of utmost importance to us – from ensuring timely data backups at multiple locations, to implementing industry best practices for data security or constant monitoring of critical processes, our Fail-over, Redundancy and Disaster Recovery plans ensure that your and our data is safe and accessible at all times.

Over the past few years, Tricon has invested heavily in developing the Software Development and Support Center in Bangalore. This facility forms the nerve center of our advanced IT services delivery, and provides a reliable and scalable offshore Software development environment and creative platform. We are one amongst the reputed offshore software development companies in Bangalore, India

Our offshore software development is a combination of a variety of services including product design and development, programming, testing, formulating SaaS, ecommerce, Project management, CRM and few other web services.

To provide a highly productive and ergonomic work environment, Tricons offshore facility already has the following:

  • 15,000 sq.feet of conducive office space at Bangalore the IT hub of Asia.
  • 350+ highly qualified and competent professionals with proven track record.
  • Modern “state-of-the-art” work environment
  • High-end Windows NT and Unix servers and sophisticated nodes connected through LAN. This network is connected to the Internet through leased line via a proxy and firewall. Physical and network security is ensured.
  • Relevant software development tools, utilities, compilers and several RDBMS platforms complement these high-end hardware platforms.
  • Automated backups from workstations to storage servers
  • All nodes and servers are ensured 24-hour power supply by UPS. The Office continues to enjoy power through generator, in case of power failure.
  • Restricted access to facilities with Biometrics access